I decided to become a personal trainer in order to accompany people during their change processes. I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. For me, the „personal“ part is almost more important than the “trainer”. I totally focus on the person with whom I am going to spend the next hour. My intention is to motivate you in an optimum way. I will be by your side, I want you to have fun and to know that I am there for you. Last but not least to prevent your weaker self from taking control.


I believe that each and everyone of us wants to feel at home in his or her own body.

Success STORieS

"I spent ten years of regular training by myself, sometimes five days per week, without any reasonable results. Then I met Timo Call. For almost two years we have been working together on a regular basis. The training sessions are effective, entertaining, enjoyable and sometimes really hard ;) – an absolutely positive improvement for life!"

Kathie Kleff

"Training with "my" personal trainer Timo is not only simply great, but much more effective than training on my own or in exercise classes.

I am absolutely thrilled and always look forward to our training sessions. Timo is always with me, he corrects my position if necessary, he motivates me and cheers me on time and time again (I have never lifted so many weights as I do in training sessions with Timo).

We have been working out together on a regular basis for 3 months. Within this time period I lost 8 kg, built my muscles, and my entire body visibly changed and became much more defined.

I am deeply grateful to Timo and look forward to our future training sessions.

Thank you so much for your support!"


Claudia W.


"With Timo's help fighting my weaker self has really been fun for over 2 years now. Yet I still wonder how he alwasy makes me do one or two repetitions more than I would be able to do on my own."


Tobi W.

„With Timo’s help I lost 22.5 kg in 4 months. We were able to reduce my body fat from 37.5% to 29.8%, my chest circumference decreased by 12 cm to 124.5 cm and my waist by a whopping 21.5 cm to 123.5.


I am really, really proud, feel much better and know that my story does not end here.”


Eric L.


The 5-week project with Miri has come to an end. After 10 training sessions with personal trainer Timo and 1-2 interval trainings of 20 minutes each per week we attacked exactly the problem zones Miri bemoaned. The results are as follows:



  • Waist minus 6 cm (from 83.5 cm to 78.5 cm)
  • Bottom circumference minus 2 cm (from 95 cm to 93 cm)
  • Firmer arms
  • Firmer bottom + thighs
  • Stronger back + shoulder muscles


"In addition to martial arts I started with regular training sessions at the gym under Timo’s guidance who drew up a new training plan for me every 4-6 weeks.


The plans were always tailored to my individual needs and goals. This way, the training sessions to date have always been varied and great fun.


During our private training sessions Timo focused on a proper execution of the exercises and pushed me beyond my limits time and again – I asked him to. I always felt I was in good hands.


After approximately one half year I am now running a photo gallery and must admit that I never felt so fit, strong and healthy in all my life before!"




Hi Timo,


I just wanted to thank you and Ben for your great coaching in the running meetup group!


All participants are really thrilled and absolutely want to continue – including myself. J


So again a huge thank-you to you guys!!!!!!


S. Macht

Project Manager Events & Sponsoring

BayWa AG


"Timo has a great stance and exudes calm. He is an excellent, competent trainer and no macho –which was particularly important to me!


The training sessions with Timo are really enjoyable, effective and motivating.


I am pleased with his demeanour and always look forward to our training sessions because they are so much fun.


I have achieved great results and feel fantastic!!!


I would always refer to him and recommend him.


Thank you for your support and kind regards.”





And this is me!

Timo Call - Personal Coach:


  • University degree in fitness management (DHfPG)
  • Personal Trainer (DHfPG)
  • Athletic Coach (Deutsche Trainer Akademie)
  • Functional Trainer (Deutsche Trainer Akademie)
  • Fascial Trainer (Deutsche Trainer Akademie)
  • Mental trainer sports (IST)
  • Stress management consultant (Wiblishauser-Seminare)
  • Nutrition consultant (DHfPG)
  • TRX – Instructor (Transatlantic Fitness)
  • Trainer for sport rehabilitation (DHfPG)
  • Occupational health management specialist (DHfPG)

Fitness- und Gesundheits-Blog

B2Run München

Lauftrainer Leif und Personal Trainer Koen haben die Firma Novocure beim diesjährigen B2Run in München als Pacemaker unterstützt. Nachdem Koen Dehaeck die Mitarbeiter des münchener Standorts von Novocure über 8 Wochen lang fit für den B2Run gemacht hat, sind alle innerhalb von 43 Minuten ins Ziel gelaufen. Lauftrainer Leif Call konnte GM Tobias Weizel als Pacemaker mit dessen persönlichen Bestleistung in 30,20 Minuten ins Ziel begleiten. Auf dem Weg gab es von Leif natürlich auch einige Lauftipps für Tobias und eine Portion Motivation, um das Tempo durchzuhalten.

Starke Leistung!!!

Functional Beach Workout München

Sommer, Sonne, Strand und Fitness

Beim Münchener Functional Beach Workout gibt es all das "direkt vor eurer Haustür". Der Personal Trainer Koen aus München macht euch in der Beacharena in Freimann fit für den Sommer. Mit variierenden funktionellen Trainingseinheiten in der Gruppe stärken wir euren Körper, eure Ausdauer und nicht zuletzt euer Selbstvertrauen. Ab dem 18.07.19 kannst du immer Donnerstags um 17:00 Barfuß im Sand bei Urlaubsfeeling trainieren und deinen Körper so richtig in Form bringen. Du möchtest weitere Informationen haben, dann klick unten einfach auf den Link.

Lauftrainer München



Nach nunmehr 10 Jahren in der Werbung weiß ich, was die Menschen bewegt und frage mich gleichzeitig, warum sie sich immer weniger bewegen. Ich weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, dass man vor dem Stress nicht weglaufen kann, aber man kann den Stress weglaufen.


Also macht es wie Forrest Gump. Lauft Leute, lauft!


Ich bin Leif. Dein Lauf Coach.